Who is Elva Birch?

Elva Birch is a fire dragon Gemini who belly dances barefoot and loves to listen to the rain on a metal roof.

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What can you expect from Elva Birch?

Elva Birch is a writer of speculative fiction, including, but not limited to: paranormal shifter stories, fantasy romance, and spicy science fiction adventure.

Look out for lots of sexy good times and plenty of happy endings – or at least happy for now – sprinkled with action, adventure, humor, love at first sight, comfort, healing, redemption, magic, and mystery.

Elva writes characters of all sexual orientations, colors, races, ages, body types, and religions; real people, with real flaws, who can grow and change through their stories. Characters you’ll want to get to know and root for their happy endings. Jerks aren’t sexy, and consent matters.

And always? A hint of the impossible and irresistible.

Other places to find Elva

Elva writes straight paranormal love-at-first-sight shifter romances under the pseudonym Zoe Chant. Zoe is a group of professional writer friends. Shifting Sands Resort is Elva’s project, as are the Green Valley Shifters series and the Fae Shifter Knights series.

She can also be found drawing and writing less spicy work under another big name. (This pen name is not secret, just separate!)