Royal Dragons of Alaska: Escape to an alternate Alaska, ruled by dragon shifters. Reluctant royalty, relentless enemies…plus dogs, camping, romance, and magic! Find it on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited!

Shifting Sands Resort: a complete 10 book series, written as Zoe Chant. Romance, adventure, complicated and diverse leads… this series is gripping and exciting, and it has an ending that will blow you away. Read it on Amazon – free in Kindle Unlimited!

Don’t miss the latest addition to the adventure, Tropical Tails, seventeen stories that occur before, during, and after the epic series, and Tropical Holiday Tails, three novellas and a short.

The covers of the Green Valley Shifters series

Green Valley Shifters: A sweet and sexy small town series with single dads, spinsters, and shifters. Each one is a sizzling standalone with heart-warming, found-family humor, hunky shifters, and sweet second chances.

Available on Amazon – read free in Kindle Unlimited!

Fae Shifter Knights: A hilarious portal fantasy series, where knights trapped in glass ornaments are brought to a world of wonders like refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and ham sandwiches and have to discover how to unlock their powers with the help of clever, capable women with the key to their hearts (and their adorable pets). Find the series on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

Birch Hearts: A collection of short stories and novellas by Elva Birch, full of romance, adventure, and magic. Shifters, witches, spaceships, and swords…these stories aren’t always straight, but they are always straight up fun. They don’t share a setting, but they all celebrate diversity and growth, and you know you’ll get a satisfying conclusion in a bite-sized book. And always? A touch of the impossible and irresistible.

Get Prompted, a collection of flash fiction, free when you subscribe to the Elva Birch mailing list, or find it on Amazon. Also available through these other vendors.